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16 May 2008

Funding for Solar Rebates in 2008-09

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In the May 13th Federal Budget the Rudd Labor Government announced it will spend $25.6 million in funding under the Solar Homes and Communities Plan in 2008-09

As part of the changes to the scheme a new means test will be introduced. From midnight May13th, access to the $8000 rebate will be restricted to households with an annual taxable income of less than $100,000. This means-test brings the program into alignment with the Solar Hot Water Rebate which also has a means-test of $100,000. Unfortunately some Riddells Creek Solar Neighbourhood people will miss out on the $8000 rebate for now. It is extremely disappointing that the Government is not setting out to massively boost the solar power industry in order to limit carbon emmissions now.

Renewable Energy Certificates generated by solar power systems will also continue as before.

In the Budget it was announced that from 2009, Australian households will also have access to $10,000 Green Loans which will help households with the upfront costs to improve the energy and water efficiency of their homes, including through installing solar power systems.

Solar Power Generation and Feed-in Tariffs

On Monday May 5th, the State Government Energy Minister Peter Batchelor, announced a scheme that will pay households about four times the standard retail rate of 17 cents, for the excess energy that households generate from solar panels on their roof. From next year, households will be paid 60 cents per kilowatt hour fed into the grid.

Environment groups were disappointed with the scheme as most countries with solar schemes pay a premium rate for ALL energy generated, whether it is used at home or fed into the grid. The argument about NET metering versus GROSS metering will continue for some time. The Municipal Association of Victoria, which represents local councils, is calling on the Government to extend the subsidy to cover ALL energy produced by homes and small businesses. To combat climate change, the State Government needs to encourage clean energy production and cut our reliance on polluting brown coal.

We urge you to write to the Premier John Brumby and the Energy Minister Peter Batchelor to lobby for a premium rate for ALL energy generated.

Phone, fax or letter has more effect than email.

Send it to – Peter Batchelor, Level 20, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne Vic 3000.
Phone 96584660 and fax 96584631 or email peter.batchelor@parliament.vic.gov.au

And to The Premier, John Brumby, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne 3000.

See next article for some information you may wish to consider for your letter to Peter Batchelor and John Brumby. Its not too late – send the letter this week!

13 May 2008

Sustainability Map

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Displays houses in Riddells Creek with “sustainable” features – mapping our town’s progress.

View the map

6 May 2008

The Age: Solar power payment scheme comes under attack

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“From next year, households will be paid 60 cents per kilowatt hour fed into the grid. This compares with 45-cent schemes in South Australia and Queensland.”

full story: The Age

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