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29 September 2008

Information from the Riddells Creek Solar Neighbourhood Meeting 25/9/08

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Hi Riddells Creek Solar Neighbourhood,

Fantastic to see/meet so many of you at the meeting on Thursday 25/9/08.

The following is information from the meeting and some information to help you sort out which electricity provider to select.

The 1kW system will be comprised of 7 Conergy 145 w monocrystalline panels and a Sunny Boy inverter.

Process to date – most people either have their rebate pre-approval from DEWHA or should get it in the mail next week.  Erik informed us that he received an email today confirming approval for many of the people still awaiting their letter.

Once you get your letter of approval and accept the quote, you need to either post a cheque for the $8,000 payable to Rezeko Pty Ltd or $8,895 if you haven’t already paid the $895.

Or you can make a direct deposit.  You must include either your name or your customer id from your quote so that Rezeko can identify your transaction

Bank: ANZ
BSB: 013006
Account Number: 488549119
Account Name: Rezeko Pty Ltd

Please post a copy of your receipt to –

PO Box
Black Rock VIC 3193.

The next step –

Please send to Rezeko your 11 digit NMI code which you will find on the back of your electricity bill.  This National Meter Information code is required by Powercor so that they know that you have installed a solar power system.

There will be two groups of installations depending on when your rebate is approved, and your $8895 is paid.

The cut off for the first group is October 5th, the second group will be mid November.

The target for installations for Group 1 is at the beginning of November.  You will be notified of a target installation week, followed by a target day.

After the panel and inverter installation there is an independent inspection for your certificate of Electrical Safety.  Once this is issued, the form for the rebate can be completed.  It currently takes 6 weeks for the rebate to be received.

The installer puts in an Electrical Works Request to change the meter.

Erik congratulated us on Riddells Creek currently being the third largest neighbourhood in Victoria.

See below comparative electricity retailer costs.


28 September 2008

Meeting – 25th Septermber 2008

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12 September 2008

Next Riddells Creek Solar Neighbourhood Meeting

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7:30 pm,
Thursday, September 25
at the Senior Citizens Hall.

The Riddells Creek Solar Neighbourhood is slowly becoming a reality.  Up to the last week in August, 76 PV rebate applications from Riddells Creek went in to the government office (DEHWA) and some have already been approved.  So far only 5 households dropped out of the scheme as a result of the quotes from the pre-inspection.  Please contact us if your quote has not arrived yet.

The $8,895 for Riddells Creek participants is due on 25th September. We will have a meeting for the solar neighbourhood and collect cheques on the night.  Rezeko will be ordering stock for Riddells Creek at the same time as Benalla and Violet Town in early October.

Direct payment is possible. Details of the bank account are –

Bank: ANZ

BSB: 013006

Account Number: 488549119

Account Name: Rezeko Pty Ltd

The panels are Conergy monocrystalline 145 watts.  The warranty is held by Rezeko however underwritten by Conergy. Should there be a malfunction Rezeko will seek replacement of the panels or other components from Conergy and  Rezeko will cover the labour cost of the replacement.

Greetings from Lyn.

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