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13 April 2009

Victorian Government Feed- in Tariff

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An article in the Age recently stated that: the Victorian Governments has undermined its own solar power policy, releasing expert advice that finds its proposed laws will do little to encourage households to install rooftop panels. The analysis by consultants McLennan Magasanik Associates found the Government’s plan to pay a premium subsidy for home-generated electricity fed into the power grid would fail as an incentive, barely cutting greenhouse emissions over the next 15 years.

By contrast the report went on to say that with a generous gross feed-in tariff up to 60,000 homes would install solar panels and that this would only cost the average consumer $8 per year, rather than the $100 quoted by Peter Batchelor. See ways to improve the legislation on:


Let your local Member of Parliament know what you think.  Write to  joanne.duncan@parliament.vic.gov.au


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