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7 May 2009

Write a letter today – Victorian feed in tariff

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This is a very important announcement for solar power supporters in Victoria.

While we’ve been lobbying for a national gross feed in tariff via the petition at FeedInTariff.com.au, it will still be some time before that happens and a more urgent issue is at hand – the Victorian feed in tariff will be written into law soon.

In case you weren’t aware, the feed in tariff draft legislation outlines a program riddled with flaws, with little resemblance to any successful program run elsewhere.

No cash – just a time limited credit!

Under the Electricity Industry Amendment (Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff) Bill 2009, grid connect solar power system owners in Victoria will only receive 60c per kWh for surplus electricity generated and this will be applied as a time-limited credit, not a cash payment as is the case in other states. Any credit not used within 12 months of it being accrued will be wiped out.

The Victorian government is debating the crucial legislation right now. Your elected representatives need to know that the proposed legislation will not help stimulate the uptake of solar power or reduce energy consumption.

What can I do?
Contact your local MP, write to a newspaper or call talk-back radio!

Let your elected Member know you demand a fair feed in tariff that pays more in line with other states and territories such as the A.C.T. 

Contact details of the MP for your electorate can be viewed here.

Write to    donna.petrovich@parliament.vic.gov.au

and also send it to   gavin.jennings@parliament.vic.gov.au

and   john.lenders@parliament.vic.gov.au

The following is a basic phone script you can use, or adapt for use in an email or letter:

“My name is [your name] from [your electorate]. I am [calling/writing] to urge support for a solar feed in tariff that works.
The purpose of a feed-in tariff is to:

– stimulate uptake of solar power

– reward personal investment in Australia’s energy future

– encourage energy efficiency

As it stands, the draft legislation will achieve exactly the opposite of what it should.

This is because:

– The tariff is a nett, not gross

– Solar credits are not payable as cash and are extinguished after a year

– The tariff is not available to business and community organisations

– The tariff is limited to 3.2kW systems, significantly below the regulatory standard of 10kW

Such a scheme will not reward personal investment in Australia’s energy future, nor encourage the uptake of solar power and will actively encourage high energy consumption, to use up credits before they are extinguished.

As a constituent, it is very important to me that the elected representative for my area supports a proper feed in tariff. Thank you.”

Time is of the essence – please contact your local member or media outlet today and be sure to let other solar power supporters you know to do the same!

Thank you again for your continued support and interest in this important area of policy. We are greatly encouraged that so many Australians have lent their voices to this call for a better, more liveable world.  

The Feed In Tariff Team

Feed In Tariff Petition Initiative
An Energy Matters Community Initiative

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