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14 June 2009

Government Rebate ends

Filed under: Sustainability — Lyn H. @ 11:32 pm

I’m sure you have all heard the news that the $8,000 Solar Homes and Communities Plan rebate is now closed. 

Although not as generous, the solar credits programme which will replace the rebate allows customers previously excluded to participate i.e.:

– families with taxable income >$100k
– businesses
– wind energy

If you know of anyone who missed out on the rebate, Rezeko has a special offer for the first 1,000 customers of their new EKO Energy brand: $2,999.  This is a deal to consider given the rebate has dropped from $8,000 to $4 – $4,500 depending on where you live.  The system is a quality system with monocrystalline solar panels and a Sunnyboy 1100 inverter.

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